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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Small Things in Life

This week has been a challenge I think for ´normal´ people trying to comprehend the horrific massacre of innocent children at Sandy Hook.
I have spent the last few days in tears as I watch and read the news unfold of this terrible senseless incident.  I go to bed and wake up thinking about how these parents are coping and trying to imagine the unimaginable nightmare they are suffering.  Their lives will never be the same again, if they ever get through this tragedy.
I look at my own children, my older girls were the same age as the children gunned down in the Dunblane incident and I remember my girls local school doors being changed as a direct result into hi tech security doors with buzzers to let parents in.
 Now as I look at Twinks, my youngest daughter (not her real name), who is six, I cannot even comprehend how someone can so mercilessly shoot a six year old, it makes my bones go cold to the core and shiver with such evilness.
I had to do a blog post as this has affected me too much to ignore as this tragedy slowly unfolds in front of our horrified eyes. 
If America does not change it´s gun laws now it never will.
Let´s hope Obama sees sense and at least tames down the type of guns that are permissable otherwise we will be witnessing this again in a few years time.   All parents too, as much as their love their children, should seek help if they feel a mental illness is apparent which is a tough one but in the light of this latest disaster perhaps mental health issues will also be taken more seriously and reported.
Words still fail me, I cannot comprehend the events of the past week but something has to be learnt from this otherwise all these innocent children would have died in vain.  Part of my heart died this weekend just witnessing the awfulness as the news broke.
We are about to embark on what should be a lovely festive time with Christmas fast approaching and I have to admit I have been spending a lot more quality time with my little one.
I am appreciating what she is and what she brings to my life, albeit I do already as she was a late baby and a beautiful surprise which I think makes it harder as I have felt blessed to have had her in anycase and the past six years have bought me numerous wonderful moments.
My thoughts are with the whole community that has been completely devastated within less than an hour.  I am not at all religious but I think with so many more angels in heaven there will be many more prayers said this Christmas for the parents and families directly involved in this atrocity and parents all over the world will be holding their children tighter.

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