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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Shades of Grey for Winter

Anyone who knows me well knows I love Shades of Grey.
Not the book as I have not bothered to read it yet, albeit it is on my desk and Carla has already read this and stolen book number two, Fifty Shades Darker for her holidays!
But I love greys combined with silvers, golds or a statement colour.
I wear it all the time in the winter and I decorate my house in it as it such a wonderfully quiet, soft statement colour but so rich and luxurious. 
Although my house has a lot of grey, dark grey sofas and a grey marble floor, I throw in vibrant olive greens, crisp whites and hot pinks just to make sure we are not cold and sombre ;)! 
I do love this colour combination with the brighter colours  mixed in as after all we do live in the Mediterranean :)
I have put together this mood board of cosy grey winter images as I have many stored here in my favourite file. 
The soft colours of mistletoe, silver shoes (could not resist this one) sequins, another love of mine, cosy knits and general loveliness including an image of a very cuddly rabbit!
I so love this rabbit and wish I could have one but sadly allergic to most animals albeit I have two cats and a dog?!

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