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Monday, January 21, 2008

Kids Parties

Having had many years of organising and decorating parties for children, least of all my own now thankfully grown up teenage girls, I am now faced with the prospect of having to do it all again for twinkle!

Excuse the tomato sauce!

Some fab ideas for throwaway parties from whilst letting the kids be creative.

Spring ideas

Top Row Tea Forte, MS, The Knot
Centre Loves me Love me Knot
Second Row, MS, The Knot
Third Row, L's me L's me K, MS
Fourth Row L's me L;s me K, MS
Spring Weddings, I love spring flowers and all the pastel colours, Daisies, Vintage Roses, Daffodils, Tulips, Hyacinths,
all sum up the spring for a wedding this time of year.
Try incorporating butterflies into this theme as it works so well.

Preston Bailey - My Idol!

WOW! I absolutely love this man and his work, my idol!

Here is one example of his fantastic works of art.
Preston Bailey is world renowned for his innate sense of style,
and fabulous creations for celebrities in the US.
Check out his website

Preston Bailey has published three wonderful books, that anyone creative with a runaway fantasy imagination like me has, will absolutely love, they are officially on my coffee table!
Big budgets, though, needed to create these fantasy events,
anyone wishing to stage an a event like this please contact me
I will be in heaven!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Colonial Elegance at Golf Club Greens and Creams with a touch of Gold

Top Row Images from The Knot
Second Row Place cards Jonathan Canlas Photography
Third Row Jonathan Canlas Photography
Centre Image The Knot
Bottom Images The Knot
Cool Greens, creams with a touch of gold for a May Wedding at Marbella Golf

Pink and Red colour scheme

Top row images from The Knot
Second Row cake MS
3rd row dresses MS
Bottom row second image table setting MS
Gosh here we are only just into January and already I am putting together ideas for brides here in Marbella. Will keep posting them as I design them. This bride has emailed me and cannot decide between pink or red, yet the combination of the two will be far more stunning than just one colour. We also have such bright colours here in Spain with the fuschia buganvillas and red hibiscus this colour scheme will work so well with any event here in Spain.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Valentines Inspirations

Top row the chocolate favours, confetti club green, roses front door, favour box ask ginka
Second row heart garland loves me loves me knot, votive & heart chocolate box the turkey, valentine image the front door
Third Row heart box, club green, hearts and cake the turkey red table setting the knot
Fourth Row red paper lantern Swensen photography, red heart the knot, red heart placecard setting the knot
Valentines, the romantics reds, hearts, chocolates (hurray!), red roses.
Inspirations to create some wonderful table settings and decorations
for this romantic time of year

Valentines ideas

I have just come across this clever site called

Great site with lots of ideas for packaging and table settings

Photo Shoot Los Monteros

Well finally after a busy Christmas and getting ready for 2008 we kickstarted off with the photo shoot at Los Monteros and of course it was cloudy, cold and damp so inside we went.
We did manage to get a few shots outside though, note the grey skies!
Here is my beach theme, turquoise with cream paper orchids, shells, white pebbles and turquoise crystals.
These are my photos but when I receive the images from Los Monteros I will post those on, sure they will be a lot better than mine!