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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Fuschias and Limes

Crystal Inspirations

Tea Party

I have just been into Marbella Golf and been given these beautifully packaged individual teas. Wonderful idea for wedding favours with a tea party theme with some unusual flavours such as Green Tango, Oasis, Cocoa Truffle and Citrus Mint. Images from Hoping to do a tea party now with the lovely cupcakes previously posted and these teas!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Graham and Green

Check out this fabulous website full of some seriously gorgeous decorations. I absolutely love the crystal tree and the tealight holders they have.

Beach ideas

Sea Urchin tealight holders

I have been asked to provide wedding decorations for Los Monteros and have been putting together some ideas based on a beach theme as it is such a wonderful beachside setting. Here are some of the images I have put together for my own inspiration and some of the ideas I have are to use a white, blue and touch of orange theme.

I have designed a setting with white crystal organza chair decorations which will look amazing in the Spanish sun, white pebbles, clear AB and turquoise Swarowski table crystals, tall vases filled with turquoise gel and exotic foliage, white sea urchin tealight holders, blue and orange orchids, orange fans tied with raffia and white paper lanterns.

Photos supplied by Los Monteros

beach theme board from snippet and ink

blue orchid photo from the knot

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Wedding Graffiti

A lovely idea for weddings and other events, a graffiti you can apply for the occasion as long as the venue lets you! It is supposed to be easily removed and if you check out their website they even do wedding cars, a great idea to personalise your wedding or even your home.

"Wonderful Graffiti is very thin pieces of matte vinyl that look "printed" when applied to most smooth surfaces.Your entire wedding Graffiti design arrives on one sheet of transfer paper. Just tape the transfer paper into place, burnish it down and peel it away. Wonderful Graffiti removes quickly, and won't harm underlying surfaces."


I was at a meeting recently and we were discussing a client who wanted a sunflower themed wedding. I have found this fabulous sunflower inspiration board on called Sevillian sunflowers.
I love the idea of using sunflowers as placecard holders to decorate the tables and liked the usual idea of arranging the sunflowers with asparagus ferns, a cheap way of providing lots of foliage.

Inspiration Boards

I have just come across this fabulous blog called snippet and ink which is full of inspiration boards for weddings. I love the ideas on these two above one is based on snow for inspiration and the other is a lovely board with sunset colours for a beach wedding.
Well done snippet and ink for being so inspiring, this blog has definitely been added to my favorites list!

Monday, November 19, 2007



I have been asked to put together some research on butterflies for an article in a Bride Magazine, so here are some of my wonderful finds for decorating with a butterfly theme.

These lovely gem butterflies are from a lovely website for unusual wedding decorations

I came across this fabulous website of cupcakes, unfortunately Kylie Lambert is based in Aussie, but take a look at these fabulous designs for cupcakes. Fatpants needed, glad they are not here actually!

I have also found a great idea to decorate some simple paper lanterns from the Martha Stewart website, wonderful idea for inexpensive way to decorate a wedding and you don't have to stop at butterflies, this idea could be used for all sorts of decorations from feathers to paper roses. I also found this lovely idea of white orchids in whitepots decorated with butterflies from Martha Stewart.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oranges as a theme

Oranges or indeed lemons are a lovely theme for getting married here in Spain, the land of the Sevillian orange marmalades and oranges everywhere! I have often used fruit as a theme or a display piece and here are some ideas for an orange wedding or event. Some of the images I have taken from Floralia website, a truly wonderful site.

Check out these fabulous images from an Italian website I have just found of table settings, absolutely stunning Well worth a visit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Marbella Golf Club

Marbella Golf Club is a venue I have loved for years, it has a lovely colonial feel about it and now they are planning to stage it as a wedding venue and the first wedding there is May 2008. We are working on a lovely green and cream theme with a touch of gold which is going to be beautiful.
It is such a charming venue but I suppose the only downside is it is not a hotel therefore whoever has a wedding there will have to arrange to stay at one of the local hotels or hire villas nearby, or be lucky like me and live near it!
The owner is now really making it rather special and the fabulous restaurant Los Olivos is now open in the evening with a fantastic new menu.
I wish the Club every success with their new initiatives.

Christmas tables

How cute and simple is this idea to use a tiny real christmas tree sitting in a lovely silver vase, I loved this idea, great for a placecard holder or as a tiny gift for your guests, they can take it home and plant it afterwards.

This image is a lovely idea filling a heavy glass vase with berries and spruce, so simple yet so effective. Another good idea is to place some battery operated LED lights into glass vases to create a truly magical christmas centrepiece.

There are also some great buys and ideas for table centre pieces, I have recently put a quote together for a baroque gold and black theme and found these great cut out table mats. This will look wonderful with a gold and crystal centrepiece on.

Table settings

I have been trawling through the internet now for about 5 months researching ideas for event decorations, wedding ideas and table settings. It has been surprisingly difficult to find these sorts of decorative ideas, hence the amount of magazines I buy! But here are some images I have found that are comtemporary and inspiring for any of you that love table settings!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Crystal Bouquets

Creating a wedding is a lovely experience and each one is individual.
I love working with the brides at what is one of the most important events in their lives, helping them create their dream weddings. So I thought I would start a blog as to how I research, design and create weddings and I come across some fabulous ideas so thought I would share them :)

I start with my new line of wonderful bouquets, created by a fantastic designer called Lesley. I was so excited when I found them as they are exquisite pieces of work and all handmade with crystals, feathers, beads and fabrics. Here are just some examples of the beautiful bouquets.