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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stylish Party Accessories in Marbella

As the weather improves, well sort of with showers this weekend predicted!, the party season is well underway here in Marbella and we thought we would share some of our stylish party and wedding accessories that are available in our shop based in Elviria.

Our love of paper straws has taken over this year and we have some fabulous striped and polka dot ranges available, perfect for summer cocktails, wedding cocktail bars and children´s parties (I fell in love with the rainbow stripes!)

If you are planning a party or wedding and are serving cupcakes, we stock very clever gorgeous cardboard cake stands in vintage styles and an elegant white wedding range and why not have some fun bunting to match or some white heart paper garlands. 

Our quirky card teapots with linings to place flowers into have been a huge hit and can be used again and again and packed flat when you have finished with them.  We cannot buy enough for our shop and as soon as they are in they are whipped up!

Sparklers are a big hit for our weddings this year and we are now stocking extra long sparklers to help you get your evening off to a lively start and the party started!

Our new photo booth accessory packs are a huge hit and we cannot wait to blog some of our weddings using these fabulous props including my all time favorite theme of cocktails :)

Signage for weddings is always popular and many of our avid followers know we create
Mr and Mrs signs for the backs of our bride and grooms chairs but now we are stocking a range of wedding signage, which is very reasonably priced.  We do also offer a personalised signage service for our wedding signs so if you wish to order some for your wedding here in Spain please do contact us.

If you are planning a party and want some super, stylish accessories do head over to our shop but to be sure we have particular items available or you wish to place a larger order it is always wise to preorder with us first, as we do sell out quite quickly.  

Just send us an email on

We will be posting our Jubilee and Olympic range soon :)!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Love Padlocks in Spain

Attaching a padlock to a bridge and throwing the key into the river is seen as a symbol of enduring love and this rather romantic idea of love padlocks, otherwise known as love locks, is proving a popular craze in most cities across Europe after the publication of the 2007 cult best-seller Ho Voglia De Te (I Want You) which saw a young couple attach a padlock to the city's Milvian Bridge and throw away the key into the river, as a sign of their love.  

This trend has spread, but not of course without controversy. 

Whilst it is a lovely romantic idea, it does appear sadly that in some cities it has caused problems with the weight of thousands of padlocks threatening structures and historical monuments, the Rialto bridge in Italy is one such structure that has suffered, I guess due to it´s already popular romantic setting. 

The not so romantic authorities of many cities have been apparently dismantling the padlocks with cutters, but in Moscow they have built metal trees instead on Luzhkov Bridge, giving a designated area for friends and lovers to express their love and affection.

Wouldn´t it be fabulous to have these in Marbella!

I was quite intrigued by this idea though and found out there is a bridge in most of the Spanish cities where this latest craze has developed including Malaga and Sevilla and even now in Madrid.

Perhaps Spain should now build some romantic structures to attract what I think is rather a romantic idea but in the meantime this could be perhaps bought into your wedding day either in the ceremony, stationery or even in the props.

I do love an inspiration so thought I would share this with you!