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Friday, January 28, 2011

Destination Guest Book Ideas

I am seeing some hugely creative ideas on the internet for guest book ideas, from vintage typewriters set up on tables, so let's hope all your guests will type out a personal message and hopefully despite their drunken haze be able to hang this from a beautifully decorated wishing tree or be able to assemble scrabble pieces in a cohesive form :)
I of course love all these ideas as they are hugely creative, but let's be honest, they are not practical from a European wedding point of view.
Let's face it most of your guests by the time they are presented with a guestbook to sign would have downed the best part of a bottle of champagne or sangria and will not have any co-ordination to test their keyboard skills on an old typewriter or delicately hang perfectly formed cards on a tree.
A destination wedding as well also poses the problem of getting everything home. It is all very well to make up a park bench and have your guests write on it and put it in your garden, but if you are getting married in Spain or Italy it is going to cost you a fortune to get this creative artifact to your homeland.
Having been working on this idea with some of our brides for our weddings this year, by far the better options are to have a photo or video booth, this can be set up for you here in Spain by our wonderful Becky Sharpe, she created an amazing video booth last year for a wedding here.
Or to have a wishing well such as a birdcage where guests can post their messages into this (hopefully!) and you can take them home and mount them into your wedding guest book, a normal shop bought guest book just set out or another lovely idea I have suggested this year for our brides is to go onto a site such as Blurb and create your own personalised guestbook.
This is a fabulous idea, and if you take a look at the Blurb site, for example, you can create and design you own book.
Upload photos of you and H2B, some fabulous photos of the country and venue you are marrying in, in our case Andalucia, perhaps photos of your guests as well could be fun and leave blank pages for them to leave their messages.
You can also add in questions for them to answer such as, where do you see us in 25 years time, any tips for a happy marriage, etc and see what messages and replies you get!
I love this idea as it is creating something truly unique for your wedding day and such fun to look at afterwards, you could even follow this book up with another one about your honeymoon and the first year of married life, a sequel!
This is also an easy option to get everything home and to be practical, as much as us creative divas love to think we will create a fabulous scrapbook after the wedding, there are many of us that will become bogged down with work and back to a 'normal' life and this will take a back seat and may never get done.
By creating this personalised book with photos and fun questions plus the guests comments it is already done and dusted will save more time and effort when the honeymoon period is over and normality returrns.
You will have a wonderfully personalised guest book on your coffee table without any effort on your part apart from having created it in your wedding excitement and another lovely part of building up to the day!
I have certainly got some of my brides thinking about this idea which is very simple and not expensive and yet fun to do so I hope I have given you some inspiration too for your wedding day by creating your own personalised guest book idea.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spanish Wedding Inspirations and Ideas

I do always feel that if you are planning a destination wedding it is a wonderful idea to try to incorporate some of that country's style and tradition into your wedding.

I am of course constantly looking at Spanish themes and details for our weddings, whether it be a full on spanish affair or just little touches here and there I hope to inspire our 2011 and 2012 brides with touches of Andalucian passion into their weddings!

There are some wonderful ideas to be had when creating your wedding with a Spanish feel from the fans (abanicos) of course, to the lace details, the spanish love their lace, churros and chocolate, tapas and soaking in the passion of Spain.
The combination of dramatic flamenco style dresses and lace veils, the beautiful spanish guitar music and the sultry, passion fuelled flamenco theme works so well for a wedding celebration.

I created this inspiration board for a lovely bride that is planning her wedding here this year and is keen on a truly full on spanish affair for her day, which we are hugely excited about.
Using dramatic deep reds, whites and blacks combined with lace and fans, but of course, as ever, done in a stylish understated way.
I love the element of teal in this inspiration board, combined with this colour scheme to break it up and create a more calming influence on the reds and blacks.

There is always I think a fine line between a stylish and tacky theme and it is easy to fall into the latter, with dare I say nylon lace, plastic favours and fans and castanets for me are a no no. I have only had this request once thank goodness and managed to steer them away from the idea.
What I did find interesting though is that castanets are actually a professional musical instrument that you can pay 100's of euros for the proper instrument so forget your cheap plastic version it is an art unto itself.

Pick the colour scheme, reds and blacks, dramatic colours but do always try to add in a third colour to break this combination up to create a more stylish effect otherwise you will look like a Halloween party.
As mentioned previously teal is always a fabulous colour to break this hard colour scheme up, as is saffron, orange, lemon, perhaps a lime or a fuchsia, but you need to lift this colour scheme with details colours and accents particularly for a wedding.
Garlands and bunting are huge this year so try to incorporate this into your decoration as it has so much impact at eye level, or above, and adds in that fun party element to the day's festivities.
Then add in the important details such as the lace embossed stationery, beautifully presented fans to match the decorations, some dramatic dark or lace linens and sultry lighting with lots candles and fire torches and you are well on your way.
(Clapping and stamping will have to come from the guests!)
Have pinatas strung up, particuarly if you have lots of children at your wedding, but they are just as much fun for the grown ups! this is a very popular tradition in Spain for parties, we love them!
Perhaps if you wish to go further offer locally pressed olive oils,miniature moscatels or brandies as favours, again beware of the tacky ones and have beautifully dressed bottles with carefully designed tags.
Get this wrong and it is awful, only as we were discussing this as well the other day, perhaps I am slightly too fussy but I just hate tack!
I get lots of samples all the time from potential suppliers and am amazed that they can't leave the cheap and nasty behind them.
Anycase perhaps I am waffling on, as I do but normally, but we buy the favours in strip them and decorate them in-house now as we cannot find anyone that does offer the stylish and elegant enough for us.
End your evening or start the next day's celebrations with a fabulous churros and chocolate bar, always a big hit anytime of day and brings in again that wonderful spanish theme into your wedding and who does not love churros and thick creamy chocolate :)
Another interesting idea I was discussing this week, with one of our brides, was the guest book dilemma. It is difficult when you are planning a destination wedding to make sure you can get everything home.
We do of course offer this service as part of our planning, you can send things to us to set up or you can leave things here for us to ship back to you.
But the guest book dilemma, I suggested she had time to create her personalised wedding guest book on a website such as Blurb.
Perhaps a book created using images of Spain, Andalucia and photos of yourselves and your families, how you met, photos of you on your holidays together, the engagement, etc.
You could head pages with questions such as where do you see us in 25 years time, any tips for a good marriage, etc and leaving pages blank so that the guests could write in it their messages and advice for you.
A sequel possibly with a honeymoon and first wedding anniversary book along with comments from the wedding website, an interesting idea I think and certainly one that is easily transported home and to show the kids when they are older!
Another lovely idea is to have beautiful Andalucian or personalised postcards made up (yes we do these as well) with stamps and your address on them that the guests can pick up at your wedding, go away and write a message to you and post them back to you.
When you get back from your honeymoon you will find a post box full of lovely wedding messages to place in your wedding scrap book.
On this note I am now dreaming of our hot summers and all the delightful weddings we are working on for the next two years and hope we are inspiring you with lots of novel and fabulous ideas for your destination wedding in the balmy Mediterranean, albeit it is cold, gloomy and raining here currently!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Country Valentine Inspirations

As we get ready for the romantic Valentine's day, I have been searching again for some beautiful inspirations and was delighted to find this fabulous blog, Postcards and Pretties.
I adore this Valentine inspiration board complete with the macaroons, gorgeously understated and being a packaging and twine lover this is perfect for some Sunday inspiration.
So refreshing without the red and pink bling we see everywhere this time of year.
I wanted to find something different as I was getting quite frustrated at finding nothing to feed my creative quest at the moment and this blog has just done this for me, introducing all sorts of ideas, new talents and inspirations so that is my Sunday afternoon taken care of now!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honeymoon Murders

I have never posted anything sad on my blog as for me weddings are a hugely exciting and beautiful time, but I have been shocked and hugely saddened at the latest news regarding these beautiful brides being murdered on their honeymoons in Africa and Mauritius.
I would like to mention at this point that my heart goes out to these families that are left reeling from these heinous crimes that have been committed.
It is always lovely to plan a wedding and then to elope off to some exotic country for your honeymoon but having travelled extensively when I was in my twenties, I think people do need to be aware of the dangers of travelling to these glamorous resorts that have sprung up in what are basically poverty stricken third world countries.
Whilst the five star hotels and resorts are fabulously luxurious and have everything you could possibly want at your beck and call, you only have to walk outside of these complexes and the difference in culture is shocking, they are literally surviving on nothing, starving, desperate people living by their wits. The close proximity to which these shanty towns are surrounding the resorts are really quite scary and it is obvious they are there for a reason to live off the money that the resorts are bringing in.
I have always found this shocking contrast in lifestyles difficult to digest and vividly recall one incident. I was working on the cruise ships many years ago in Mexico, a friend of mine had a classic accident of diving into a shallow pool and hitting her head, which resulted in a trip out from the comfort zone of the 5 star luxury hotel we were put up in to a godforsaken place without basic sanitation to have a head x-ray in some mudhut.
The images I saw that day have stayed with me, children literally sitting in ditches of raw sewage with wide eyes, no shoes and dressed in rags, wondering who on earth we were, they had nothing, and yet this was a 20 minute ride in a taxi from a glamorous resort and we were in some ramshackle hut set up in the middle of nowhere having a head xray which was also quite barbaric and I remember lots of screaming.
I was aware then of the threat we were under having left the resort and wondering why the taxi driver had taken us to this desolate place and when we thankfully finally made it back to the ship I was relieved to say the least.
My friend was unfortunately very ill and kept passing out so she was airlifted off the ship that night by an emergency helicopter and taken back to Miami with serious concussion. She stayed in hospital in Miami for 10 days and still had black eyes when I met up with her again.
I have been lucky, I have travelled around the world and come back in one piece, but if you do have to book these fabulously exotic honeymoons take your wits with you. In the case of the poor Irish girl murdered I don't think you can prevent this atrocity as she had not left the resort and was murdered apparently by staff there (which is even more frightening) but be aware you are visiting hugely deprived areas and don't leave the hotels or complexes just enjoy your time there and then take a taxi straight to the airport.
Extreme poverty and luxurious settings together are always going to be dangerous places to go.
On this note I have had brides even here in Spain that leave their sensible notions and ways behind and have been robbed here, so please do be aware where there are tourists there is always someone that wants your money, phones and jewellery so please do just be careful and sensible.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fabulous Inspirations for 2011 weddings!

OMG I have just stumbled upon this fabulous Zenadia Design, that is so worth a visit as it has everything I imagined possible for the 2011 wedding trends and sums the style of 2011 weddings up perfectly.
The blues are everywhere making a huge comeback from the elegant navy to the ice blues, combined with the corals and peaches and still using the vintage washed out ivories.
For me personally it is the first inspiration board I absolutely love, although I am torn :)

It was the navy inspirations I was looking for tonight and I was surprised how many colours work well with navy from the lime greens, oranges to the pale nude pinks, bright pinks and yellows.
We will be posting more navy ideas for weddings shortly as we are working with many beautiful weddings using this colour but all the shades of blues and greys are popular this year, however not turquoise though seems to have had it's day for now, but more sharper or subtle blues are the way forward with a warm coral or peach.

I also have a feeling watching the fashion world that the oriental theme will be back but with bolder colours which I think reflects on the third inspiration board we have posted on here tonight with the slight tropical theme. I will be also researching this trend and posting more about this as well.
I do hope this helps our brides and our readers to get creative, I love it when I stumble upon sites like this, they are worth their weight in gold and we thank them for sharing their ideas with us and I am grateful they continue to inspire me.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pale Metallic Mood Boards

Whilst I was over at Wedding Nouveau this morning I found these two beautiful mood boards in pale metallics, one silver and one golds which I thought would be lovely to share with you.
The pale metallics are very much still the vogue for weddings, teamed up with duck egg blues, champagne and light corals. Truly elegant and stylish combinations and the top mood board has the fairy light tree photo that I purchased recently!

Free Wedding Websites

I think it is a fabulous idea to have a personalised wedding website, especially if you are having a destination wedding, as you can load up so much information on there for your guests travelling in from afar.

I have been chatting with one of my brides, Lauren, about creating one and found this fabulous free wedding website page this morning on Wedding Nouveau. In fact I am sure if you google free wedding websites loads would come up but I have to be out this morning to my accountants so dare not do this as I would be here all morning!
Wedding Nouveau offer these very stylish sites that include features such a photo galleries, guest books, online RSVP and group emailing. You can put on directions to your wedding, recommended places to stay, local useful numbers such as taxi's, restaurants, etc, how easy does this make your life!

To Clutter or not to Clutter!

Ok January is here and I have been clearing out cupboards, re-organising my spaces and decorating since November firstly to get ready for Christmas and now because that is what you do in January!
My little sister is a senior creative editor for a fabulous publisher called Ryland Peters and Small, hence I am hugely spoilt with some fabulous books she produces from interior styling to weddings and food I have a whole bookcase devoted to my favourite subjects!
Having been given this beautiful book by her recently it has been my bible as I decorate my home over my quieter winter months.
I am a clutterless freak which is difficult with kids in the house but I love a clean white walls and clean white surfaces and I am a Habitat/Conran girl at heart with a dash of Zara Home thrown in for good measure, in fact I cannot walk past these shops without just popping in!

I have worked my way through most of the house over the past three months, I am constantly reorganising my cupboards, kitchen, wardrobes, changing photos, frames, decorations, furniture, cushions. In fact often I wonder if the kids think they have entered the wrong house, but to date they live in some teenage cloud and don't seem to notice much unless their washing has not been done or there is no food in the fridge :)

Occasionally I get a pull towards the shabby chic, but I know it is not for me and end back with my clean lines and colour balance!!! Although I love this book there are some rules I follow and others I don't, the thought of hanging clothes out on walls is just not my thing!
My colour scheme has also headed back to lots of whites with flashes of magenta, olive and turquoise which is looking fabulous and I love it.
Next stop is my lounge just a coat of white paint everywhere and a few more delightful touches for the spring and I will then be back to wedding world again in the summer that I cannot wait for! I am also in search of a silver Moroccan style mirror but planning my trip to Morocco may well tick that one off my list :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Moroccan Affair

Images above courtesy of Reviva Weddings

Images courtesy of Wedding Chicks and Chelsea Nicole

I think you can tell I am on a Moroccan week here, not sure why! Perhaps I am having a Moroccan affair, highly unlikely I think! But it is all the vibrant colours that remind me of the summer. I love creating Moroccan events and parties, in fact it really is a very easy theme to recreate as it is predominently based on the vibrant colours of blue, purple, orange, reds but I Iove to throw in a saffron, turquoise and hot pink to bring it up to date.

Here are some of the parties we have created and decorated here in Marbella with my good friend Carlos at the Marbella Club and Puente Romano plus a few more inspiration boards I have found on my internet searches.
From a small chillout area to a large society event we have a store room full of Moroccan decorations and also steal them from others!

I also love adding in that element to our weddings here with our lanterns and candle packs and offer lots of beautiful white Moroccan style lanterns to add that detail to the day. We have also just purchased some fabulous tiny silver ones which I am very excited about which is rather sad!!!

January Inspirations

I have been scouring the internet tonight, which I love to do, searching for hugely talented and stylish inspirations, not necessarily wedding related.
Being a designer it does not really matter what the subject is, it is finding out the trends and latest styles that I can then portray into my work and creative thought processes which is important for me to progress and refresh as I call it!
It is awful to see so many hugely tacky websites with double wedding rings and doves :( and a rare breath of fresh air to see some truly stylish ideas and designs which I have decided this year to share with you even if it is not to do with weddings as it does at the end of the day all tie in together. In fact I am considering starting a separate blog about design and interiors as I know that most of my readers are looking for wedding inspirations and do not want to see the latest cushion trend unless of course they are having a chill out area!

I have my favourite blogs I read, as and when I have time, which is not often in the summer, but a real passion of mine in the winter to refuel and recharge.

One of my favourite blogs is A Bun Can Dance by Denise, I am not sure why, maybe I miss the UK at times (subconciously!) but I just love stopping by to see what Denise is up to, she has for me an ideal life, I am sure she would argue this one, and is a hugely creative dressmaker and craft extraordinaire plus a very deep thinker which I love. Another one of my favourite blogs is Decor 8 for contemporary design inspirations which lead me tonight to this fabulous blog about Morocco.
Secretly I am planning a trip there next month on my own as need some time out and creative space to plan and think (plus maybe some shopping!) so I fell upon this beautiful venue in Morocco that I think I will be heading for shortly. You must take time out to visit this fabulous blog if you are interested in Morocco. I could do with a travel mate as I am nervous about Moroccan's having been attacked here on the beach once by a nasty one, so if anyone is interested in coming along with me for a 3-4 day trip let me know!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Ok so I know it is snowing on our blog but I have kept it on there for January as I love it and fairy lights, do you think I should do this for a new Reviva van?! Answers on a postcard please!

What makes Reviva different?

It is in the winter months that we are all able to take time out to evaluate our businesses, work out what are our strengths and get rid of what is not working.

It is a time for business soul searching, congratulating ourselves on our accomplishments and achievements this year of which there have been many but also learning from what we could have done better.

I have learnt than when we get busy in the summer months we need to be able to reply to email enquiries and be more efficient for our new clients. I had no idea how inundated we would be last summer with new enquiries and last minute bookings so I have taken action on this and been training up staff to provide this back up for me plus passing more work to my ever increasingly more efficient Carla, who now I don't think I could run a business without, she is gold dust as far as I am concerned.

I have also been thinking a lot about what makes Reviva different and how I have personally pushed the business forward over the past four years. It is the attention to details and creating a truly bespoke wedding that makes us different.

We are not florists that just deliver the flowers and disappear, we are not planners that will just offer you the conveyor belt weddings, we dream, create and design your day.

I have noticed this as we do work with many wonderful wedding planners as well that need that design and decoration service for their weddings and we are on site all day as the wedding designers and decorators.

The flowers play a part in our service but they are not all of it. We are there to create a truly memorable day and will stay there until this is complete and we are happy the festivities are well underway and our planners really do not need us anymore.
I have been at weddings this year where they have hired other florists and have been amazed that they literally show up, drop off the flowers, arrangements, etc and leave, they do not set them up or worry about what will happen to them, whether they are left in the sun, what they look like on the tables, etc?!
If we are planning an event or wedding we can offer so many different possibilites and are there to tailor make your day from the venue to the caterer to the suppliers. Nothing is set in stone and we have a wealth of venues, caterers and suppliers to pull together to create an individual event plus of course our creative talents to really pull off a show stopping day.
I think our testimony to this approach to our weddings is that we have created some amazingly beautiful occasions this year whether it be a small intimate wedding in a villa to some very large stage stopping affairs including some very famous clients, it is our attention to detail and our dedication to our clients, our discrecion plus my 110% philosophy that works time and time again and my enthusiasm is the same for any style or size wedding or event.

There are not many wedding planners and decorators that are making personalised wedding stationery and pom poms! In fact we do giggle sometimes as we pour over our weddings and the details debating about what colour raffia we should use and stay up all night creating fabulous placecard holders. We sweat over our flower orders and how many tealights we have left, but we love it!
I personally cannot wait for 2011 as we have so many fabulous weddings already being organised and designed at the moment and I personally feel we just get better every year.
It has been a long Christmas break here in Spain with the last bank holiday just over and for me wedding world is descending rapidly again which is hugely exciting and I have also lots of lovely news about some of our 2010 weddings where our brides are now expecting for 2011 which is lovely. We will keep you posted :)

A Turquoise and Red Winter Wedding Setting

The joy of being properly back online is glorious and I have been like an addict desperately soaking up some creativity, I really was quite surprised at how miserable I was without being able to constantly search creative ideas and brains for inspirations and found myself desperately painting walls, photo frames and generally organising my house!
This for me sums up all the details that make a truly special day and the wedding theme so special. Again the wonderful Elizabeth Anne Designs, who I visit as often as I can as this is one person who is so in tune with me and my ideas from interiors and lifestyles to weddings.
I love this attention to the details from the cute pom poms, the table numbers in frames, the details for the napkins which are beautifully tied and presented, very simple flower arrangements in glass bottles on the tables and fabulous table linens to pull the whole scheme together. Simple ideas and yet so beautifully put together with such time and effort spent on each item.
Love the pom pom garlands as well which is something we just posted about and I do expect to see many more of these beautifully cute garlands this year at our weddings, I have already learnt the art of pom pom making this winter having decorated Liz and David's wedding at the Suite del Mar in September and am delighted with our results so far!

Monday, January 10, 2011

We love Garlands!

One of the key elements to any event dressing or design is to work overhead, (above 6ft in my old terms of learning the display basics :)
Any decorations that are above eye level immediately capture the attention of your guests and create a convivial atmosphere whether it be party, spooky or festive.
If you want to add impact to decorating an event or a room there are a few key elements and this is one of the most effective to date, as well as lighting an event.
What I love at the moment is the creativity that is appearing with garlands and decorations, taking it away from the rather tacky foil 70's decorations we all knew and possibly loved, with the Retro 70's fashion back in style this could be now forgiven and almost classed as tasteful, although not in my book :)

However I do love these new ideas emerging from the tissue pom poms and then the hanging garlands strewn around venues to create a lovely party atmosphere from paper hearts to buttons on a string, the theme for this idea is endless and I think really it kicked off in 2009 with the fashionable bunting idea and has progressed from there.
Definitely a trend worth creating from photos strung up on strings of your loved one and your courtship, to paper hearts, tassels really the possibility is endless and one garland would make such a difference to your event, personalise it and make it more fun.
Reviva Weddings are now offering paper heart garlands from as little as 5 euros for 2 x 3 metre lengths in their shop and can make bespoke garlands and pom poms to fit in with your wedding theme, we also advocate the use of your photos to string on a washing line at your wedding to create that truly personal touch to your wedding and have the cutest clothes pegs and washing lines ready!
I have stolen these fabulous photos from Elizabeth Anne designs one of my inspiration blogs I visit constantly, for more inspirations head over to take a look.
A wonderful idea for kids parties too that could easily be made up with favorite characters, in my case princesses!
In fact many moons ago when I decorated my sister's 21st birthday party (yes I was doing it then!) I created pink baskets of dolly mixtures as well suspended from the ceiling for the guests to help themselves, all I recall from this party was pulling out the staples from my parents ceiling the next day with a delightful hangover before they arrived back from Spain, they were none the wiser!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Running a Business in Spain!

Finally we are able to connect back to the internet but it has been a very frustrating journey having been left completely cut off 5 days ago which is a nightmare when you are running a business.
Spain has it's good points but also some very bad points and given it's current economic state I am always amazed at how the Spanish companies do everything they can to make life slightly more difficult, but I am a tenacious soul who has battled through 10 years of not a smooth running life to be honest but the sun always shines through! :)
OK so Spain is in a recession and I cringe when I see that the larger Spanish companies are taking over other countries, for example Santander bank is now set up in the UK?! How?!
Back to internet and phone lines in Spain, we decided to change our service providers whilst we were quieter in the winter months, so I took a look at what was available, having compared everything I thought I would give BT cocoon a try, they are advertising heavily and offering great deals, I was fed up with telefonica due to their very poor customer service and very high bills, so decided to give BT Cocoon a try.
Famous last words, we were disconnected from Telefonica, and BT Cocoon have no adsl lines available to give us?!!!!!! Hence I have been without internet for 5 days due to Telefonica's crap customer service and BT Cocoon's ability to be able to sell something that they cannot provide. I am no further on, I have had to go out and buy a Vodafone stick just to get connected back to the internet and to be faced with 85 emails to answer.
I cannot imagine this would happen anywhere else if you were changing a service provider, I dread to think what would happen if I decided to change my electricity provider here, would I be cut off for a week? I am not sure, but to all our brides who are wondering where we are, we are here and now ploughing our way through emails so we will be in touch with you as soon as we can :)!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Happy New Year!

As we welcome in 2011 I would like to wish all our followers, clients, work colleagues and suppliers a Happy New Year.
We are hugely excited about 2011, with many lovely weddings already being designed and planned in some fabulous venues here in Southern Spain. We will also be launching and promoting some wonderful new venues here in Southern Spain that have never opened their doors before to weddings.

We have many projects under wraps which will be revealed as we move into 2011 including expanding into other locations across Marbella and beyond, a stylish new Reviva range of event and wedding decorations being set up online in the next few months, so even if you are not getting married here in Spain we can provide you with our stylish accessories for your wedding day and a fabulous new website under construction.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year, mine was spent with my family here in Marbella hosting lots of lovely dinner parties, going out for wonderful long lunches and just spending some quality time with my youngest daughter.

A Marshmallow Inspired Wedding

How gorgeous is this divine Marshmallow inspired photo shoot featured on Style me Pretty
created by Jill La Fleur and Simply Bloom.

I do think creating a beautiful table is a bit like applying makeup, you need a good base/foundation before you can add the details.

This photo shoot emphasises this so well, using this gorgeously ruffled table cover complimented with the chocolate napkins is a beautiful base with which to add these glorious details and these beautifully romantic dreamy floral arrangements.

I also love the grouping here of the details on the tables, it is not formally set but random groups of gold votives, the table flowers not centre stage but arranged carefully again in groups on this table.

Lastly but not least, the heavenly scented roses set in the bowls and white china cups filled with marshmallows are the all important and wonderful details I am obsessed with when it comes to really dressing tables and making them not just beautiful but a delightful experience when you are seated at an occasion such as a wedding.

It is evocative of what more to expect when you are presented with such a beautifully dressed table such as this one and one you will not forget.