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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Turquoise and Red Winter Wedding Setting

The joy of being properly back online is glorious and I have been like an addict desperately soaking up some creativity, I really was quite surprised at how miserable I was without being able to constantly search creative ideas and brains for inspirations and found myself desperately painting walls, photo frames and generally organising my house!
This for me sums up all the details that make a truly special day and the wedding theme so special. Again the wonderful Elizabeth Anne Designs, who I visit as often as I can as this is one person who is so in tune with me and my ideas from interiors and lifestyles to weddings.
I love this attention to the details from the cute pom poms, the table numbers in frames, the details for the napkins which are beautifully tied and presented, very simple flower arrangements in glass bottles on the tables and fabulous table linens to pull the whole scheme together. Simple ideas and yet so beautifully put together with such time and effort spent on each item.
Love the pom pom garlands as well which is something we just posted about and I do expect to see many more of these beautifully cute garlands this year at our weddings, I have already learnt the art of pom pom making this winter having decorated Liz and David's wedding at the Suite del Mar in September and am delighted with our results so far!


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Definitely a great color duo to pop out at a wintertime wedding. Beautiful details! EAD does wonderful work.

Reviva Weddings said...

Yes it is vibrant isn't it, I am not sure that turquoise is the way forward though this year?

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

The pom poms really are adorable, it goes to show how important attention to detail is with these events!