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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What makes Reviva different?

It is in the winter months that we are all able to take time out to evaluate our businesses, work out what are our strengths and get rid of what is not working.

It is a time for business soul searching, congratulating ourselves on our accomplishments and achievements this year of which there have been many but also learning from what we could have done better.

I have learnt than when we get busy in the summer months we need to be able to reply to email enquiries and be more efficient for our new clients. I had no idea how inundated we would be last summer with new enquiries and last minute bookings so I have taken action on this and been training up staff to provide this back up for me plus passing more work to my ever increasingly more efficient Carla, who now I don't think I could run a business without, she is gold dust as far as I am concerned.

I have also been thinking a lot about what makes Reviva different and how I have personally pushed the business forward over the past four years. It is the attention to details and creating a truly bespoke wedding that makes us different.

We are not florists that just deliver the flowers and disappear, we are not planners that will just offer you the conveyor belt weddings, we dream, create and design your day.

I have noticed this as we do work with many wonderful wedding planners as well that need that design and decoration service for their weddings and we are on site all day as the wedding designers and decorators.

The flowers play a part in our service but they are not all of it. We are there to create a truly memorable day and will stay there until this is complete and we are happy the festivities are well underway and our planners really do not need us anymore.
I have been at weddings this year where they have hired other florists and have been amazed that they literally show up, drop off the flowers, arrangements, etc and leave, they do not set them up or worry about what will happen to them, whether they are left in the sun, what they look like on the tables, etc?!
If we are planning an event or wedding we can offer so many different possibilites and are there to tailor make your day from the venue to the caterer to the suppliers. Nothing is set in stone and we have a wealth of venues, caterers and suppliers to pull together to create an individual event plus of course our creative talents to really pull off a show stopping day.
I think our testimony to this approach to our weddings is that we have created some amazingly beautiful occasions this year whether it be a small intimate wedding in a villa to some very large stage stopping affairs including some very famous clients, it is our attention to detail and our dedication to our clients, our discrecion plus my 110% philosophy that works time and time again and my enthusiasm is the same for any style or size wedding or event.

There are not many wedding planners and decorators that are making personalised wedding stationery and pom poms! In fact we do giggle sometimes as we pour over our weddings and the details debating about what colour raffia we should use and stay up all night creating fabulous placecard holders. We sweat over our flower orders and how many tealights we have left, but we love it!
I personally cannot wait for 2011 as we have so many fabulous weddings already being organised and designed at the moment and I personally feel we just get better every year.
It has been a long Christmas break here in Spain with the last bank holiday just over and for me wedding world is descending rapidly again which is hugely exciting and I have also lots of lovely news about some of our 2010 weddings where our brides are now expecting for 2011 which is lovely. We will keep you posted :)

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