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Monday, October 27, 2014

Dare to sparkle!

It is not often I start hyperventilating whilst scouring the internet for new ideas but known for the love of glitter and all things sparkly you can imagine my reaction having fallen onto Pearls and Pastries on Etsy.

Bowled over with sequin hangers and those confetti baubles, needless to say have ordered the Tshirt, I would rather be playing with glitter along with a hanger!  Sadly could not order those fabulous confetti baubles so will have to try a bit of DIY for the Christmas tree.

Do hop over to have a look, if you are looking for fabulous bridesmaids pressies ideas the sequin hangers are perfect.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Wedding Day in Marbella for Sale

It is not often a wedding day gets cancelled but it does happen sadly from time to time, either a family problem or illness or just that the couple have decided they are not ready or cannot make that final commitment to each other.

Sometimes life is not a fairy tale but what happens to a wedding day that has been in the planning for over a year with deposits paid, fabulous venue and suppliers booked and key times and dates secured.

We currently have just had some sad news that one of our weddings for next June has decided they no longer wish to continue with their wedding.

This morning I was thinking about this and that I must now contact all the suppliers, venue and church to cancel everything and lose their deposits paid but then had an idea.

Surely there must be a couple looking to get married in Marbella, on a very popular date in June 2015 and would happily take over this wedding and pay a sum to the client to secure everything they have prebooked and worked on so far.

The wedding day is at the most popular church in Marbella followed by a wedding reception for 100 guests at one of the most stunning beachside venues with some fabulous suppliers already booked including photographer, DJ and entertainment.

If you would be interested or know someone who would like to adopt a wedding please do contact us on

We assure all discretion whilst dealing with this delicate subject but it seems such a shame to throw it all away and seems a great deal for someone who is just thinking about hosting a wedding in June 2015 in Marbella.

Luxury Weddings in Spain

Earlier this year we planned a beautiful and luxury wedding for David and Luica in a stunning private villa set in the hills behind Marbella.  

For our avid followers you may recall this floral heaven we had the delight of working on with the uber cool and hugely talented floral designer Pedro Navarro as we have blogged this before.

To say we were squeaking with excitement when Pedro and his team rolled up with tons of flowers is an understatement and everyone quickly went to work to create a superbly stunning piece of wedding heaven for our clients under the watchful eye of Mar from Romance Weddings.  

Mar, as well as being an assistant photographer for her hubby, Joseba of Romance Weddings, is a woman after our own heart who loves nothing better than styling, we had a fabulous day all working together on the details to pull our clients dream day together.

There were an awful lot of ribbons, confetti and double sided tape being happily thrown around and the divine watercolour stationery from the Design House of Moira complimented the beautiful table designs.

We are delighted now to see the world happily sharing this luxury wedding from Spain. Perhaps we are finally dragging Spain into the luxury wedding market although with the latest coverage of Amal Alamuddin's wedding to her actor hubby :), we may still be in competition with Italy!

Here are some of the recent blog posts popping up on the web sharing our wedding work with Pedro Navarro and Romance Weddings.

We will be sharing a lot of our weddings with you during the dark winter months so do like our Facebook page or pop back to read our blog.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Welcome to October Wedding Inspirations and News from Spain

Happy October! We are finally back in the office, winding down, enjoying some inspiration time and catching up with all the wedding news here in Spain. 

Have a great week and enjoy the pretty and fun things inspiring us this week.

Sharing some lovely berry colours on our Pinterest, gorgeous autumnal tones.

Excited to see a new supplier here on the coast offering fabulous words and names in lights to hire or buy for your wedding.   We will find out more and share this with you.
Looking forward to visiting Celebra Malaga 2014 next weekend to see what is new here in wedding world.

Love this DIY autumn pumpkin tablescape idea, perfect for weddings or parties.

If you have lots of time to spare and want some fabulous inspiration head over to Burnett's Boards but be warned you will be on there for hours!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wedding Trends for 2015 in Spain

Finally we reach the end of September which has been an amazing month of creating beautiful weddings here in Spain.

We have been hot footing it around Andalucia leaving our trails of ribbons, confetti and glitter in Malaga, Seville, Sotogrande and Marbella working at some of our favourite and fabulous venues.

Tonight we head into the glorious month of October which is one of my favourite months.

Not only because it is my birthday, and a big one this year, but also whilst we are doing a few more weddings this month, it is a time when the country finally seems to slow down back to the laid back Spain we know and love.  The tourists have left along with the intense heat, car parks and shops are accessible again and life takes on a quieter more refined air about it!

It is at this time I love to look back at the past year and summarise what we achieved and look forward to the next year.  We now have precious time to look at trends and design ideas for our up and coming weddings and work with our future couples planning and creating their dream days.

I thought I would share with you some of the new colour and design trends I can see popping up for 2015.  2014 was very much the year of blush and golds and soft romantic styles which will continue into 2015 but greens will play a bigger role from dark evergreens to the soft mints.

Foliage and succulents will play a much bigger part with the now popular loose style bouquets, dreamy ceremony backdrops and nature will feature heavily creating romantic scenes using live trees and woodland styles.

Another trend I spotted this year was a bigger importance again on favours, which have been scarce since 2007 due to the recession and wavering wedding budgets.

But this year we saw more couples bring a favour budget back into their wedding presenting some delightful gifts to their guests from miniature wedding cakes beautifully presented in boxes to pretty candles, cool bottles stoppers and some exquisite and luxury chocolates.   If you do have to know yes I tested some but with the bride's permission!

We are tapping our fingers now waiting very patiently for our hugely talented photographers to send us more images of our actual weddings here in Spain so until this moment we will continue now to share ideas and more inspirations with you as we enjoy the winter and work on our future wedding designs.

Our image credits go to Decor 8 and Pinterest.