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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mens Wedding Suit Hire in Marbella

Image courtesy of David Toms 
When it comes to men´s wedding or formal event suits there are two options, to buy or to hire.
The latter seems impossible when transporting your wedding to another country but as our motto is "anything is possible", we thought we would share some useful information with you about hiring suits, formal wear and dresses in Marbella.
Despite the heat here in the summer we are constantly surprised and delighted how many of our handsome grooms and their wedding parties elect to wear formal or smart suits, complete with jackets, waistcoats, ties, cravates. 
This male wedding attire worn in Spain involves sinking lots of cold beers whilst lurking in air conned bars, much brow mopping, throwing on the jackets just before the ceremony and whipping them off afterwards and quickly pulling out the cool shades!
The predicament of bringing men´s formal wear normally starts with the bride sending us a desperate email secretly telling us the size of her trousseau she is planning to squeeze onto an Easyjet or Ryan flight and is now concerned there is not any room or weight restriction left for a pair of cufflinks let alone a formal suit! 
Normally at this stage our brides are concentrating on the ties and pocket chiefs ;)!
Whilst the majority of our weddings overcome this predicament it is useful to have options, I love this word ;) 
So if you wish to hire a suit here in Marbella here are our little black book suppliers.
A formal men´s suit hire here in Marbella with a tailor for fitting.
Damaris Novias 952 580 976
The owner of this company, Wendy, is Dutch but speaks perfect English so ask for her, she is lovely and has some beautiful accessories in her shop as well as gorgeous wedding clothing so well worth a visit.
I also noticed in the Sur in English this week there is a new business called Yes2Dress, who have recently opened, we have not tried and tested them yet with our clients but they have added a recent Facebook page so it is worth hoping over to have a peek, they also hire wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.
Both Damaris and Yes2Dress are based in Fuengirola, situated between Marbella and Malaga.
If you are bringing your wedding dresses or suits with you and need them pressed, steamed and freshened up ready for your big day we always take our clients dresses, shirts and suits to Hot Off The Press, who are based in Calahonda, they always do an amazing job :)
Their telephone number is 952 930 392
Our super smart Chris!  Incidentally he did not hire his suit but he was one hell of a cool groom :)!
Image courtesy of Jeremy Standley
We have our little Black Book, compiled by Carla the Wikipedia of Weddings, full of many fab suppliers here serving the wedding and party industry so if you need a dress adjusted at the last minute by an amazing tailoress, need a hair accessory or have forgotten any last minute details we are here to help.
Even if we are not brilliantly planning or styling your wedding we are always delighted to share any information with you ;)!
If you have a business here offering dress or suit hire, or anything related, please do contact us as you are rare and we do love to know about new suppliers!

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