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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lavender and Purple Wedding Inspirations in Marbella

Lavender and purple is such a pretty, feminine and romantic colour scheme and you can never really go wrong with this colour combo, so today we have gone lavender crazy and shared some gorgeous inspiration boards that we are working on with our clients, to offer a bit of advice when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers for a hot climate.

Spring is the lavender time with some beautifully gorgeous smelling flowers from hyacinths, purple tulips, muscari and irises.  I wish we had more spring weddings here but sadly, with a sad face, Spain is a hot summer destination wedding area and spring weddings are scarce!

Recently I have been hugely excited to find tiny purple wild irises growing near our house and scattered in the fields around Marbella and Ronda, they disappeared for a while, but are now reappearing and look like bluebells from a distance. a wonderful sight.  

Lavender is also beginning to shoot out some pretty flowers so I will be picking these and drying them out ready to decorate napkins and use in our wedding decorations, I am sure our gardeners must wonder why all the lavenders in our village are beheaded every year but not planning to come clean!

Many of our weddings are hosted in our glorious, fabulously hot summers so what lavender and purple florals do we recommend to create this gorgeous colour combo in the summer heat in Marbella.

Hydrangeas, such a large fabulous bloom but prone to wilting in the heat, fine in water but for a wedding bouquet simply out of the question.  

There are some beautiful roses such as the Cool Water that are perfect for bouquets and all roses will withstand the heat here in Spain if prepared and treated properly.

Other gorgeous lilac and purple flowers to consider are freesia, lisianthus, veronicas, delphiniums and cala lilies along with the gorgeous purple vanda orchids, such a beautiful and exotic flower.

We hope you enjoy these inspirations for a beautiful lilac wedding palette and our advice for choosing your flowers for your wedding in a hot climate.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Could it be psychological?! But just gazing at these boards you've shared made me feel I was actually enjoying the fragrance of lavender. So beautiful!

Reviva Weddings said...

What a lovely comment to wake up to on a Sunday morning :) x