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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentines Day Party Inspirations with Glitter


If all the world could glitter it would be a much happier place!  

It is like a snowfall. pretty, bright and makes you feel happy and festive so why keep it just for Christmas?  

Well it seems now we are not and we are spreading the glitter and sparkle at many events and what a heaven this is as we scatter our magic dust over our parties and weddings :)

 January has thankfully passed us, not my favorite month at all, but as we prepare a whole host of pink sparkling decorations for a fantastic charity event for Positively Pink tomorrow evening, with the super shiny team at Costa Women, we thought we would share some lovely pre Valentines shimmering inspirations we found from Occasions Online.

Occasions Online is a brilliant website for anyone planning a themed party from Pirates to Business events, well worth popping over for some inspiration.  Needless to say it is now on our reading list.

So where do we start, ADORE THE GLITTER CAKE STANDS, a must for every wedding this year!  Sorry I am shouting with excitement! 

The gorgeous and hugely popular tassel garlands, we have fallen in love with these and perfected them here at Reviva, they are all made by hand so are available to pre order from us and we will stock some favourite colours in our shop to decorate parties, desert tables and weddings, we love them.

Confetti bags are a huge hit this year instead of confetti cones, filled with biodegradable glittery funfetti for your guests to sprinkle their own magic fairy dust and so pretty in the sunshine.  Again available from Reviva in a range of colour combinations to help you spread some glittery fun over your wedding day or gorgeous party.  We can even do sparkly hearts!

Don´t forget we also offer stunning glittery Mr and Mrs Letters and any words, name and colour can be ordered, deep sigh the list is endless!

We have so many ideas. inspirations and accessories to make your party or wedding sparkle so do pop into see us or email us on for more information.  We recommend you pre-book an appointment with us if you wish to discuss and order sparkling accessories on 618 021 172.

Do not forget as well we will have a shop fully of gorgeous Valentines Day flowers. 
As it is such a busy day we do recommend to pre order on 952 839 830.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

Can never have too much glitter! Thanks for the intro to Occasions Online...and all the best for the Positively Pink event!

Reviva Weddings said...

Thank you Lissa, you are a star. So glad January is out the way now and looking forward to a fabulous 2013 :)! Hope you are well xxx

IoContemporaneaRetrò said...

è tutto meraviglioso!