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Saturday, February 16, 2013

5 Minutes with Jeremy Standley Destination Wedding Photographer

We are very fortunate here in Spain to work alongside some fabulous, professional suppliers within the wedding industry and Jeremy Standley is one of our favourite photographers.  

Without Jeremy documenting our weddings time and time again over the past five years with such style, grace and breathtaking images my business would not be what it is today.

In the winter here we are all slightly quieter, meeting new clients, planning gorgeous weddings and generally fluffing up our feathers ready for a new wedding season plus catching up on all those projects we have been meaning to do.  One of mine ´meaning to do projects´ is to interview our favourite suppliers to see what makes them tick and why they ended up in Wedding World, as I like to call it! 

We are delighted, after much nagging, to share a 5 minute interview on Jeremy with you.

When did you start your interest in photography and why?

I have worked in photography since I can remember. My mother is a photographer so I have always been surrounded by the world of photography.  My career started by working in studios in the UK and Sultanate of Oman followed by a long period of time at Princess Cruises as the photo manager and later the fleet digital technology manager and trainer.   Had you asked me seven years ago would I like to be a wedding photographer I would have said “no way” but after shooting my first wedding I was completely hooked.  Now over 300 weddings later I really could not imagine doing anything else :)

Why did you specialise in Destination Weddings?

Accidently really.  Normally I will fly to about 8 to 10 weddings per year and photograph weddings in Barcelona, Mallorca, and other wonderful destinations.   It was never a conscious choice to travel out to photograph weddings but I love the adventure and creative scope new venues and destinations offer and more often that not I will cover a couple of days for the clients which I love and getting to know your clients that little bit better really helps immerse yourself in their story.

How you would you describe your style of Photography?

Creative, a little bit quirky and a storyteller. 

What should couples look for when choosing a wedding photographer?

The right photographer for them. What is right for one couple may not be right for another and whilst brides receive a lot of advice it is important for couples to take a little bit of extra time to pick the photographer that they both love.  

Your wedding day images are a once in a lifetime moment and will become a family heirloom you can show to your children and grandchildren, you can’t redo them. 

Couples know what music they like and they know what food they love, but picking a wedding photographer is a little trickier, but they will know the styles of photography they like and choosing the right photographer means you have great images of every detail of your wedding from the emotions, magical romantic moments, your guests having fun and all the elements that make up a perfect wedding day.

Can you give any tips on how to achieve the best from your wedding photographer on the day?

Communication is key along with balance. All photographers have a personal style and way of working. Make sure everything you want photographed on your special day is discussed beforehand, whether you would love stunning scenic images or all your carefully planned details documented and of course your list of formal pictures of close family and friends.  Your photographer should have a very clear idea on what you expect from your photographs and you should look at lots of their portfolios so you can see the consistency of their work and have a very good idea of what style and standard of images you will receive.

What is your USP?

Mmm a tough one, I think every photographers USP is themselves and the creative way they interpret your wedding day.  Every photographer I know has an individual style that is difficult to copy. Personally I believe in offering clients an exceptional service from the start to the end.

What are your favourite images, we know this is a hard one but do try to share these with us :)

It is always very hard to say which images are favourites as it changes by the second but having been put on the spot I have chosen these four as they all have a quality I love.

I took this shot last year in Gaucin.  Gemma and James wanted something very different and this image was a stand out.  I always try to shoot a few images that have plenty of WOW factor and would look good on a wall. This one is framed in their home on metallic paper and looks amazing!

Granada!  Torrie and Henry are from LA and were the perfect clients just asking me to document the day “As I saw it”.   Wedding images should provide moments that will never be forgotten and whilst this is not a typical image, the moment, the light and the Alhambra in the background makes it one of my favourites.

I love this image taken at an epic Sikh wedding last year in Sitges.  The emotion in this image says it all. 

This image is one of my older ones but still such a favourite.  I could document another 300 weddings and not get another moment like this. No words are required!

We would like to thank Jeremy for sharing his time, advice and these gorgeous images with us and if you would like to contact Jeremy just hop over to his website, we guarantee you will be on there for hours ooohing and aaaahing.  I just hope he has the perfect lens for glittery shots this year!

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