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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Petal Calculator :)

A wedding is not complete without flowers and petals, romance is in the air along with petals tossed into the air, scattered on the aisle or on the tables, in baskets for the flower girls or stuffed into confetti cones for your guests to throw after the ceremony.
It is always a mystery to work out how many petals you need when ordering them for your wedding, many times brides order the petals only to receive a small amount and are disappointed, not realising quite how many they will need for their wedding decorations.
We have been asked this question again today by one of our March brides, how many litres/pints should I order for a decent aisle scattering?
If you are stuck with this dilemma there is a brilliant petal calculator here, it is not in metric but I am sure with a bit of google help the quantities can be worked out :)
Another word of advice being an avid petal scatterer!
Many of our weddings here in Spain are outside, it only takes one slight breeze to send your carefully placed petals flying, so whilst you are dreaming over these beautifully scattered aisles or tables, bear in mind with outside weddings that within one second all your petals could be across the other side of the lawn or in the pool, so it is always worthwhile to have a plan b if you have ordered petals and remember that the perfectly scattered aisle might not work if that pesky wind decides to pay us a visit. Float them in glassware, stuff them into confetti cones or risk a scatter but bear in mind that if there are none left on the tables when you sit down they are probably in the bushes on in the pool!

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