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Friday, March 11, 2011

Designing New Wedding Office Spaces for Women

I am currently designing a new wedding office space :)

Not for me, but for a good friend of mine, Heather at Fiestasol. I am hugely excited about this new venture that Heather has created and more will be revealed over the next few months as we lead up to the opening of Heather and Alex's new venture.

It probably sounds strange that one wedding planning company is designing another wedding planning company's office space, but as we all work together in wedding world, good friendships are formed, despite what people might like to think that we all run head to head we don't!! (Well some choose to but that is their choice!)

We work together all the time, I run a very design led wedding planning company that tends to specialise in the high end weddings and event and floral decoration and Heather runs a very successful catering and food led wedding planning company that excels in villa weddings.

We often book each other to fill in the gaps, we all work together with the same highly professional tried and tested suppliers and are like a little family. We swops notes, exchange wedding world gossip, chat about being working mums, and we do truly believe that it is better to work like this as we have forged a very strong network of lovely suppliers and can of course offer a very high standard of service for weddings and events between us and support each other.

It is interesting researching a very girly design led working space and ideas for Heather and I was fascinated to find out that Lynne Franks has created the BHive business club for women, offering beautifully designed feminine office spaces for Britain's brightest business women who want somewhere creative and inspirational to work in and bring clients too.

Forget the dark woods and libraries with leather chairs, we are going white, crystals, flowers, fabulous fabrics, cushions and comfortable bright working and meeting spaces.

Today I created our first mood board for this concept of creating a wedding led office space, to work in, to see clients in and to hold food tasting and decoration presentations in.
There will be much more research and planning as I help Heather put together her dream so of course we will keep you updated on progress and will inform you as soon as Heather announces her opening or any more news on this very exciting project.
Wedding World will be very much on the map in Marbella by the summer!


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

What an exciting project -- and wonderful that it's for a colleague, too! Beautiful inspiration board with all that light and airiness. Can't wait to see what you and Heather come up with!

Reviva Weddings said...

It is very exciting and will be fabulous and right near the sea as well in Marbella, we are all very excited and it will certainly change Marbella's wedding service industry here for the better and make it a lot more professional like the US :)