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Friday, December 17, 2010

A Winter Wonderland Inspiration

I love this winter wonderland board I found on the White Petal Blog.
The Winter Wonderland theme is endless for adding a creative touch to your party or wedding, using snowy branches, pine cones and frosted silvery decorations presents such a special quality.
For me, this Winter Wonderland also comes with a peace and silence as I remember looking out my window as a child at night watching snowflakes fall and the overwhelming excitement of watching a world being transformed into a wonderfully magical Narnia.
When I worked in the UK and the US we created some amazing events and displays incorporating this scheme, which we used to start designing in June :)
From building magical Santa's grottos to creating fabulous toy displays in windows, transforming advertising agencies into Winter Wonderlands for parties, the list was endless :) It was also amazing to work with so much glitter and fake snow which used to take months to disappear and to see our clients faces when they thought they were going back to the office for a boring party!!!
Here in Spain the majority of our work is the summer season, our clients travel to Spain for balmy Mediterranean nights, which is difficult to remember now we are shivering here at night in 10 degrees!!! So sadly for me we do not get many festive decorations to do here in Marbella. Most of the venues here do their 'own thing', which are nice but not WOW, I have yet to be wowed in Marbella at Christmas!!! Apart from my own home of course :)
There is a fabulous tip on the A Bun Can Dance Blog, of which I am an avid reader, about creating frosting on branches and decorations, a simple but wonderful idea of dipping decorations into eggwhites and then caster sugar, I am trying this out this weekend! I fear though that with the ants and bugs we have here I might regret this homemade frosting but got to be worth a go to get festive!!!


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

I know what you mean about not having the right snowy weather for all the "winter wonderland" holiday decor! But have a wonderful Christmas in Marbella just the same. I also visited the wonderful A Bun Can Dance Blog -- good luck with the homemade frosting idea!

The Wedding Decorator said...

Yes heavy rain and thuhnder storms is not very festive!! Marbella is supposed to have sun for Christmas though so looking forward to this, decided against the frosting, too sticky for Spain I think with all the bugs!

Have a lovely Christmas and holidays x