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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Bit of Festive Fun

The much coveted Christmas tree :)
I just love this time of year and spend hours and days decorating my house, digging out my Nigella Lawson and Delia Christmas cook books, and generally preparing for this magical time of year with shopping, cooking and lists coming out my ears!
I adore dressing my Christmas tree which can take as long as a week
as I go back to it all the time! I have taken some photos as it is now, by the time we get to Christmas I will take some more as it will be laden around the bottom with pressies :)
I confess, having had many years of bringing up children and not much time to clear up, is I have a false tree, probably purchased about 15 years ago now, which is rather scary, I would love a real tree, but it would annoy me if it was not symmetrical and I cannot bear the needles, plus I have it up for too long!
However, I offset this with buying lots of blue pine to decorate my sideboards, tops of bookcases and anywhere really I can put it to get that wonderful Christmas smell of pine in my home.
What I love about my tree is the fact there is a very retro collection of ornaments dating back some 25 years, things I have bought pre daughters, ornaments bought every year for the girls, ornaments bought for me by me from Harrods :), I have also been collecting handbags, shoes and cupcake ornaments for years and everything is thrown on with a great vengeance every year! I love it :) Even some of the ribbons on my tree are dare I say it, vintage, they are over 25 years old, snagged from Sandersons when I was assistant display manager, and are carefully ironed every year, how sad is this! I actually wanted olive and magenta velvet bows this year but ran out of time to order any ribbons so have made do yet again!
After much gently nagging from my friends, my brides and work colleagues I have decided to host a bit of festive fun for all us creative individuals who want to show off their decoration skills over the festive season.
Many of my girlfriends revel in decorating their Christmas trees, including me, so we have decided to all post our Christmas decoration photos on the Reviva Weddings Facebook page for a bit of fun, to share our trees and wallow excitedly in our decorating glory together.

We would love to see your photos of your festive creations, trees, decorations so in order to get them posted on our facebook page, tag me Laura Charles on your photo, or send your photos to and we will post them to our Facebook page so we can all twitter excitedly together about glitter, shiny ornaments, handmade goodies and perhaps even a Pagan Christmas as one of my male friends has stated he will have this year!


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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Having ornaments you've collected over the years is priceless! No matter their age, I'm sure the memories they hold are what make your tree so beautiful. Happy holidays!

The Wedding Decorator said...

Thank you for leaving your comments, we will try to cover more inspirations for Christmas over the next few days :)

A Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays x

mike said...

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