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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick update!

We have been in a wedding whirlwind these past few weeks with many fabulous weddings that we hope to post on here throughout the winter as we receive the photos from the amazing photographers that have been involved. 

We have been promised so we watch and wait, we so hope we will receive some as we have created so many fabulous weddings but sadly do not have the photos, although it is my plan to email all our brides this year and get them to send me their favourites.

I have been really naughty though and stolen some photos from a wedding we created yesterday.  Mark from Cake Marbella has taken some delightful photos to give you a brief insight in our wedding we created at the elegant Villa Padierna hotel and we have stolen them for our blog :)!

Yesterday's wedding was a beautiful wedding with a last minute change from red and white to pink and white due to the bridesmaids dresses changing.

We created a fabulous ceremony area in the amphitheatre which is a stunning setting, with our new rather impressive gazebo, aisle dressing and pew ends.

In the main area on the Linares terrace we dressed the chairs with covers and sashes, beautiful pink and white centrepieces on mirrors with lots of tealights with pink crystals and white candles to compliment the scheme plus scattered the tables with crystals to finish it off.

We also decorated the napkins with pink ribbons and white paper roses to add a touch of glamour and colour to the tables and created the table seating plans to match along with table names, then lots of candles, petals and red love hearts tied with pink ribbons hanging on the trees to finish the romantic setting off.

We heard from Heather today to say the bride was delighted with the decorations and flowers :)

Jeremy and Jenny were the photographers for the day so we are hugely excited to see the real pro photos, no offence Mark :)!!! 

Sadly Mark did not have any extra cupcakes so had to do with a caramel bar late last night instead!

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