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Monday, March 17, 2008

Fabulous Purples

The Spanish countryside in spring seems to start with yellows, mimosa trees everywhere bursting into colour and iberian buttercups springing up.

This is followed by an explosion of purples - agapanthus, jacaranda trees and the native bouganvilla. Take a drive through the main street of Marbella and you would be amazed at the riot of purple trees and flowers and the streets covered in a natural lilac confetti from the jacaranda trees.

Here I have created two purple boards, the first one is a more romantic mood using lilacs, roses, freesia and pale lilac tones and the second is a more contemporary darker one. I love the colour purple mixed with lime greens or orange.

Top Row rose boxes, table setting & cake The Knot

2nd Row freesia bouquet client image, parcel and tea cup idyllic days

3rd Row cocktails pew ends the knot, stationery chartula

Top Row Boxes MS, Entrance & table setting cake the Knot

2nd Row Tags Reviva Weddings, main image, favours MS

3rd Row table setting, cocktails

4th row flower image client, table setting The Knot, stationery, crystal initials bouquet jewels

Finally take a look at this wonderful romantic image found on

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