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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Easter decorations

Top Row Easter wreath lillian vernon, bridesmaids & cake The Knot, Tulips MS
2nd Row Lanterns and table MS, Marshmallows oswegotea, blossom walkway
3rd Row Easter table daisy cupcakes random house, easter egg wreath lillian vernon
4th Row Easter tree, easter arrangement, basket and flowers MS

The Spanish Santa Semana processions get underway this week, they are very spectacular processions and can be quite frightening, I remember watching them as a small child and being scared of the hooded men! Here is something I prefer about Easter, albeit not the real meaning, all the lovely decorations available and of course chocolate:)

A wonderful spring theme for weddings with the pastel colours and of course an excuse to use marshmallows in your decorations or as favours :)

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Kim Simon said...

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