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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Best Tapas Party Food

Today I read a lovely article about Easy Spanish Recipes for a Tapas party via Costa Women so I thought it would be a nice idea to create our own blog post and share some of the most popular Spanish tapas dishes often served at our events and weddings as ideas ready for the festive season.
Many of us are hosting parties, small get togethers with family and friends and nothing is easier than serving small dishes of tasty treats of which many can easily be prepared in advance.
Salted almonds and marinated olives are always a good starter, washed down with a glass of dry sherry or cava.
Gazpacho and white almond and garlic soup are always really pretty served in shot glasses and garnished with cherry tomatoes and some crispy fried pancetta.
Croquetas are a firm favourite, jamon, chicken or cheese are always popular choices and the kids always love them.
Slices of manchego cheese topped with membrillo are delicious or be more adventurous and top a crostini with manchego cheese and some slices of apple or figs.
A must have for all Spanish tapas parties is the famous Spanish tortilla, a thick omelette of potato, no Spanish party is complete without this!  Why not top each cube with a pimiento piquillo to add a bit of colour and sweetness of the red pepper.
Pimientos del Padron are small sweet green peppers often fried and then sprinkled with sea salt, again a popular Spanish tapas dish.
The famous Spanish chorizo is a must have, just sliced and fried is truly delicious and if you are feeling slightly more ambitious prawns always work really well with slices of the fried chorizo skewered onto cocktail sticks.
Gambas pil pil, prawns fried with garlic and chilli in olive oil, is also a popular choice, serve in small terracotta dishes and make sure there is some freshly baked sliced bread to soak up the oil.
Figs play a huge role in the Spanish kitchen as they literally fall off trees here so grab some fresh figs, split them open and fill with goats cheese, pop under the grill and you have a delicious tapas that not only will look fabulous but tastes divine.
Albondigas are a cute small, usually pork, meatballs cooked in tomato and olive oil, again a lovely idea for tapas and easily served with cocktail sticks.
Mojama is a Spanish delight, a salt cured tuna which is served thinly sliced and delicious on a crostini topped with a tomato and onion homemade salsa.
Melon con jamon is a refreshing and light snack, chop up cubes of melon and present them on cocktail sticks with slices of Spanish serrano ham on top and patatas bravas are always popular with the hungrier guests, cubed roasted potatoes topped with a spicy tomato sauce.
Pinchitos are the Spanish kebabs, usually either chicken or pork on skewers and seasoned with garlic, cumin, thyme and olive oil and grilled or placed on the BBQ.
Finally for some sweet ideas, the classic flan, creme caramel, is always a tradition here in Spain along of course with our famous churros and chocolate, never fails to please!  Turron is a classic Spanish sweet and comes in many different varieties and is delightful served up at a tapas party
A Spanish tapas party is so easy to prepare as most of it can be done in advance and of course copious amounts of sangria will always get your guests into a party mood!


Niki Lawrence said...

Tapas my favourite! Great post thanks Laura! X

Reviva Weddings said...

Thanks Niki 🙂 Have a lovely Christmas xxx

Lily Smith said...

Everything looks so tasty!

Somerset Wedding Gal said...

Thanks for this food inspiration, I'm not usually a fan of tapas but this looks delicious!