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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spanish Bougainvillea Wedding Inspiration

It has been a while since I have blogged our inspirations and real weddings and cannot believe I have not blogged for an entire month but sometimes life's events take over and things have to take a back seat.

I am still in a strange place having lost my dear father on New Years Eve which has taken up a lot of my energy dealing with my grief and also helping my mother through what has been a horrendous time.

My father was my best friend and meant the world to me, he was a huge support and a fun part of my life both as a young child and as I bought up my beautiful daughters. Without a real man influence in my life, he provided the head of the family role to me and my girls and was always there providing help, guidance and security.

I have spent the past few months coming to terms with the horror, shock and now trying to accept he has gone.  This has taken up a lot of my energy over the past few months hence the reason I have not felt in a good place to be blogging or feel inspired.

But life goes on and my love for weddings and all things Spanish continues along with glitter, candles and fairy lights.  

I so loved this bougainvillea styled wedding featured on Ruffled I wanted to share this with you as this would be perfect to replicate here in Spain.

The concept of the tablescape adorned with candles and bougainvillea is beautiful and the fact is it set by water reflecting the magically created space is just gorgeous.

I still love the Mamma Mia wedding and this for me is just a perfect wedding setting :)

Life goes on and my father would want it to so I will try really hard over the next few months to share my inspirations, mood boards and real weddings with you again and please accept my apologies for my absence from blogging for a while x

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