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Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Wedding Stylist and what we do!

I saw this wonderful post on Burnett´s Boards tonight on Facebook and fell in love with the sequin dress and glorious tropical coloured bouquet so thought it would be great to share this with you on our Facebook page.

Dare I say having clicked through to the actual link I was left slightly disappointed as there were many elements of this photo shoot that were wrong.

I maybe disliked for sticking my neck out here but from a stylist´s and perhaps a bride´s point of view I thought it might be interesting to share my thoughts.  

Before I detail a few things I would be the first to say that anyone that creates photo shoots to inspire us are fabulous and we are completely in love with the images we have shared above, they are beautiful and up to date with the wedding trends.  

It is also very easy to critique other peoples work but I am looking at this from a professional stylist´s point of view to share advice as to where you can overdo it or go wrong and merely to point out a few helpful hints to brides.

To see the whole shoot do visit Burnett´s Boards Indie Wedding Inspiration to see what I will explain.

We are in love with this bouquet, it is a beautiful, colourful masterpiece but from a practical point of view if you look at the last photo on this post you will see how big the gathered stems are and the model here is using both hands to hold it up and they are still not wrapped around it.  

Whilst it is lovely to have a bouquet like this for you wedding, imagine having to hold something like this all day, it is huge and heavy, you would be surprised, so when thinking about your bouquets do be practical as to what can be achieved on the day.

The cake is also divine but here in the Spanish heat anything that is made from butter cream or chocolate will melt and any naked cake, i,e without icing, will dry out so do bear all these things in mind when swooning over Pinterest!

I was also slightly flummoxed when reading this post as I scrolled down from the beautiful images of the gold sequins and fabulous, albeit, large bouquet and then came to the spray painted gold pineapple, black studs, random earrings and head dress, none of this matched the actual theme and seems to just be thrown in.

Perhaps I am wrong and would welcome feedback.

If you are planning your wedding and are not sure how many elements, style, etc to incorporate we would recommend the services of a wedding stylist who can offer you not only beautiful styling but practical advice when planning your day.

We can be bossy but we will quickly eliminate the details that just don´t do and bring an elegance and charm to your wedding day!   We can do black studs but won´t combine it with a broderie anglaise head dress!

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