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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Spanish Flag Wedding Colour Inspiration, Passionate Reds and Marigold Yellows

Tonight I have been playing around with the colours of the Spanish flag using the deep passionate reds combined with the sunny marigold hues and designing ideas on how to translate this colour combo into a wedding as it is really quite a harsh colour scheme but executed properly would be fabulous and we love doing fabulous!

Spain is so evocative of these colours, from their red and yellow flag to the colours of the famous sangria all provides a wonderful Spanish colour scheme to use as a base for your wedding or party.  

There are so many fun elements drawn from the Spanish culture that we have incorporated into our previous wedding designs, from the use of the black Osborne bull as a vehicle to create place cards and table seating plans to Spanish lace fans and Sevillian oranges and sunflowers, really the list is endless which is rather exciting as I am constantly drawing on Spanish culture to translate into ideas for our weddings and am spoilt for choice.

Reviva Weddings have not only absorbed the Spanish culture into our weddings but have also now expanded across Spain.  

We will be announcing our exciting news this week as we pop up officially in all the major cities around Spain including Barcelona, Madrid and Seville.


Bellenza Wedding Bistro said...

How exciting to hear about Reviva's expansion! And I just love this board that truly captures the passionate Castillian flair!

Reviva Weddings said...

Hi Lissa, It is an exciting year for Reviva :) I just love all the inspirations we can gather using the Spanish culture, it is such a vibrant country!