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Friday, January 11, 2013

Becky Sharpe on Dating and Wedding Photography

We love Becky Sharpe.

Fabulous and funny, Becky is one of our favourite wedding photographers and videographers based here in Southern Spain

Becky enjoys life as a mother to her very handsome son Charlie, eats, lives and breathes photography and filming (and chocolate) and to top it all is a witty storyteller.  Becky will always tell you how it is!

Today Becky has shared with us her humorous and, we think, hugely helpful take on choosing your Destination Wedding Photographer, along with some of her fab photos :)

"I was tickled pink to think that choosing your wedding photographer is a lot like online dating. But then when I think about it some more, I think we can take some tips from that…

A few years ago a friend of mine was bewailing his experience of online dating, as he was having no luck. I could not understand this as he is a good looking guy with fun conversation and was looking for a long term relationship.

Isn´t that what women are seeking? 

 So we wrote him a totally new profile – just focusing on the points that women are more interested in (IMHO)… 

A few photos uploaded, and something written that demonstrates he really has a sense of humour – and his situation totally turns around. He could hardly keep up with all the interest he then got.

Being a wedding photographer in Marbella, I realise that much of what wedding suppliers do is similar to online dating – especially in a destination location.

 Essentially, we are showing ourselves to you as you view our profile… oops, I mean website. 

So much like online dating, I am trying to my best to show who I am as well as what I do all on my website. I have to let you get to know me to see if you want to go on a date with me (albeit a photo shoot date!)

This is important because if you, the bride, hire a photographer to document your wedding, you need to like that person. A lot. 

You will be with your photographer more than anyone else (the groom included) on the wedding day. 

So here are some tips to brides choosing their wedding photographer online.

 After all, you want to find a photographer who fits as perfectly as a glass slipper.

Finding your Photographer Online – Sharpe Tips

Top Tip One - Do The Research

Photographers have resources at our fingertips to create an online identity to convey who we are – in our websites, blogs, and other social media like Facebook. 

You might realize you share the same humour, or have similar interests or find a photographer’s point of view enlightening

The opposite can be true as well, so be sure to follow up your research with some communication…

Top Tip Two - Email or Telephone

An email to say Hi is always a great start. 

If you find that you only get an automated response from a photographer by email and then you are ignored… how can I say this?! 

That is not a beginning of a great relationship.

If you are looking to communicate with the photographer best suited for you, it’s best to email a couple of times and see how your chosen photographer responds. 

But you will also want to progress to chatting to your photographer too… so, at some point before the wedding, I suggest picking up the phone – possibly as a scheduled call if you are busy, and if your photographer is busy (we are! but not too busy to talk to you!).

Top Tip Three - Read The “About Me” Section

The best pitch a photographer has to capture a bride’s attention is this section on our website. This is our opportunity to let you know who we are and what we’re passionate about. 

As Brits we may not want to be seen to be bragging, but we are using this Biography section to introduce ourselves to you – so you can choose if you want to go to the next stage of our relationship.

Top Tip Four - Ask Away

Don’t be afraid to ask any and every question. 

A professional wedding photographer knows a bride is preparing to draft an all-star team for her wedding day, so you can ask whatever questions you need to ensure you feel good about your decision to book someone.

My friend’s dating worked out really well for him and he is now in a serious relationship as a result. At the end of the day, his profile needed to showcase his best attributes and not leave her guessing about who he was. 

In the same way, if a photographer can put themselves out in a personal capacity — offering a bride to get to know them better — chances are the relationship will be happy, professional and mutually beneficial."

Becky sends you some

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