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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Adding Pinterest to Blogger

I am bouncing around tonight with excitement as finally I have worked out how to add the coveted Pinterest buttons to my blog :)!!
Not just a follow me Pinterest badge, which I did quickly tonight as this is easy, but to add Pin It to every image on my blog.
I have posted a lovely image of one of my obsessions, ribbons :) just so you can see the Pin It in action!
 I was not bought up with computers, so everything I know and continue to learn has been self taught through many hours of googling, watching tutorials, and really just finding my way around.  Plus I do find my daughters very helpful as from the ages of six they were teaching me how to do predicitive texting and more recently uploading apps to my iphone for me :)  I am beginning to sound like a Geek!
 I have spent years learning how to create websites, studying online social marketing and keeping up to date with trends, it is a subject I find hugely interesting and fascinating, I could never have started my business without the wonderful world of worldwide web.
Technology, as far as I am concerned, is still rocket science but I am hooked and do love finding out how to do things and always love a challenge.
 Tonight having added the very popular Pinterest buttons to the photos on this blog I thought I would share how I did it with you.
 There are many creative people out there with fabulous blogs that are probably the same as me and spend hours googling to find out how to do teccie things on their blogs! 
Having been googling for hours tonight and reading goodness knows how many tutorials with many what seemed hugely complicated HTML things to do I finally fell upon, you guessed it, a wonderful blog written by a woman, in woman terminology, Code it Pretty
Call me biased but men seem to make things seem more complicated!
Everything I wanted to do on my blog was here, it was so easy to follow.
I have to admit when I hit the edit HTML code I always freeze and having had a few disasters in my time I always expect to lose five years of work and my heart is in my throat whilst tweaking away at these computer things!
Reassuringly I am told to do a back up of my blog which I dutifully do before making any changes and then with lump still in throat I hit the save HTML template button and view blog, nothing?! 
I go through the whole process again and wham the buttons have appeared, I am delighted, another achievement under my belt!
Do head over to Code it Pretty if you want Pin It´s on each photo on your blog it really is very easy.

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