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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cupid Strikes at Weddings

As a wedding stylist and owner of a wedding planning company, I am among the thousands of stylists and bloggers that are constantly searching for new ideas and inspirations trawling through many images most evenings looking for that elusive photo that makes me sit up straight and inspires me with new ideas!
Often, and I am sure most bloggers and stylists would agree with me, we stumble upon them purely by accident, hitting a link that sends us to another blog or website and there it is! 
Last night I fell onto one blog which led me tonight to the Wedding Style File and I love their Beau and Arrow blog post with over 50 ideas to incorporate the Cupid´s arrow into your wedding design, how cute is this idea arrow flower girl idea.
Here are just a few of the fabulous images on this post and to see the whole post do hop over and have a visit at the Wedding Style File
I think to go the whole hog with an arrow theme might be a bit much unless you are going to do Cowboys and Indians and have your reception in a teepee tent which I am sure has been done but the idea of a cupid arrow I think is rather sweet, after all that is what most of us drew as kids on pieces of paper when we thought we were in love with the boy in the next class!
Incorporating the feathers associated with bows and arrows as well is a lovely idea just to bring in some elements of the cupid arrow and we love this cake with gold feathers, I like the fact it is random and not too styled.
These cupid arrow Mr and Mrs signs are rather ingenious we think and we love the tassel fringing effect, another very Cowboy and Indian element to pull into this design.
Small details like these arrow head food picks all add to the cute cupid theme.
And we love this idea for a table seating plan hung on large arrows, in fact now I am wishing we had a Cowboy and Indian party to create as there are so many ideas and fun things you could do!  I can imagine for a child´s party I would be overflowing with ideas!
For many more images of the arrow theme do pop over to The Wedding Style File, I am sure I will find many more lovely ideas on this blog as well over the next few months.

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