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Friday, July 20, 2012

Romance & Butterflies at the Beautiful Lake Vinuela

Well what can I say about this gorgeous wedding of Laila and Frank :) 

What fun we had and are still having with this amazing couple!!

Laila and Frank met with us last year as they had found out about us via Jeremy Standley who was already booked for their photography. 

Laila had fallen in love with one of the images on Jeremy´s website of a wedding I had created a few years ago and wanted this same styling for her special day and they needed a super efficient wedding planner.....enter Carla, the perfect package and we were hired!

We had such fun organising, planning and styling Laila and Frank´s wedding day which was held at the breathtaking setting by the lakes at the Hotel Vinuela.

The hotel staff are charming and were lovely to deal so combined with the setting by the lakes is to die for, as I drive to this venue the turquoise colours of the lakes never ceases to take my breath away, I love this part of Spain east of Malaga.
So the team descended and the wedding preparations were quickly underway, Laila whilst being made even more beautiful by Kathryn Parr, had spies out taking photos of us preparing her wedding day and keeping an unbeknown eye on us all!

The ceremony was amazing complete with a sand ceremony followed by a butterfly release which we have never done before but loved it.  I have to admit I was slightly worried about the butterflies but once they woke up, from the dark box, they were very sociable and happy to flutter about charming everyone, the tired ones seemed to like resting on Paloma :)

After a very romantic ceremony the guests were treated to an evening of fine dining and I think the star of this wedding was the magical sky lanterns over the lakes.

I know they cause contraversy, but used sensibly they are an amazing, magical sight and very romantic.

The evening soon moved up a pace with Rob the DJ entertaining, our candy bar, groom disappearing and reappearing, photographer found sneaking sweets from the candy bar and being caught red handed, it was a chaotic night!

My favorite photo of this year though has to be Laila´s dancing shoes, I love this photo :)

Our thanks as always to our amazing wedding mates, Jeremy we love you, Kathryn, can you make me look pretty?!  Rob, do you ever sleep?

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

These fabulous images must have been even more amazing "in person"! Clearly a wedding to remember!