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Monday, October 17, 2011

Glamorous Glittery Pumpkins for Halloween!

Twig & Thistle
Found on Pinterest

As we approach that spooky time of year I cannot say I am a huge lover of all things spooky and ghoulish but these glittery pumpkins are much more up my street :)

A bit of glitter and glamour goes a long way in our house so this is
our Halloween project next week which I know will appeal hugely to Twinks and I love the fact that we can turn them into candle holders.

Slightly more appealing than screaming witches and ghouls don´t you think!

If any of our clients are planning a dark, spooky ghoulish night do remember we can supply dramatic black satin chair covers, orange sashes, black linens and of course glittery pumpkins!

1 comment:

Wannabe Goddess said...

Glittery pumpkins. That's more like it! Definitely better than the traditional ones. Let us know how you get on. Not sure I'm arty enough to make one myself so will await your and Twink's efforts with anticipation!!!