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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Creative Mental Blocks!

It is strange being a creative person, well for me, and I am not sure many can relate to this.

We have just finished a very intense September full of beautiful weddings that I thrive on.

I am constantly making lists, both mentally and of course in my pretty notepads albeit I have now become a master of Excel as long as it is colour coded!

By the time we arrive at the wedding day I cannot think about anything else. Call me obsessed but all the details are locked into my brain leaving little time for anything else.

It is now at this time of year, as we slow down and take stock, I feel brain dead and start to panic! All the creativity has gone and I always worry it will never come back but of course it does :) Thank goodness!

In order to get my creativity flowing again I need inspirations and I have to admit over the past few days I have been rather boredly surfing the internet looking at some average OK things but nothing that has made me sit up and go WOW!

Until tonight I fell upon this fabulous Mexican wedding created by Lisa Vorce, who I greatly admire, but I think it was the decorated donkey, along with the fact of course this could be translated into a Spanish theme, that immediately drew my attention to this as what brave person was put forward for this bit of styling!

Isn´t the whole wedding just divine from the bride´s stunning veil to all the gorgeous details.

I have just gone to heaven and back and finally reconnected with my creative brain again :)

With our new in house stationery department supervised by Anoulka with her new die cutting machine, nicknamed Cougar (long story but we are into names!) we are dying to start creating even more fabulous weddings and this will certainly be an inspiration to us.

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