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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weddings in Benahavis, Marbella

Reviva Weddings is currently expanding at a very fast pace this year, we are taking on more staff and currently branching out into different areas which is very interesting and are meeting many talented and devoted people that are really working hard on promoting the wedding industry here.
At Easter we are launching our Russian wedding and party planning which we hope will cater for the increasing amount of Russians living and visiting Marbella. If you would like more information about our Russian services, then please do contact us. There will be a Russian contact on our website shortly as well.

We meet many fabulous potential suppliers and companies and being a complete devotee to weddings I can spot another devotee miles away, I can also spot the fakes riding on the back of the industry as well!

To be in the wedding and event industry, you have to be completely committed.

I have seen people here throw their hands up and say this is not for me, they have no idea what they are in for until they enter what I call Wedding World, we live, eat, breath and sleep it. There is an A team here already based in Marbella but constantly we find new talents, fab people to work with and I have just found another partner in crime with Rachel.

Rachel is one of our brides that is getting married this year, in June, and has been rather resourceful, as well as having fab business brains and she lives in Benahavis. It is thanks to Rachel that we are now able to offer the Benahavis park for wedding ceremonies.

It is free of charge, currently, although I am sure when the local council get the jist of how many weddings we can organise there this will change :)! The park is fabulous, it has a lake, amphitheatre, which is where Rachel is getting married, and this rather cute ruin that they have also now offered for ceremonies, photos above. We love it and again these photos were taken by us, not professionals, on a sunny January day.

All we need to organise for ceremonies here is a minister to conduct your ceremony, chairs, perhaps a cocktail in the park, anything is possible but we cannot guarantee that you won't get an onlooker as it is a park. But to be honest cannot really see this as a potential problem, possibly the odd skateboarder:)!

Rachel has informed me today that she is in negotiation with a fabulous villa that sleeps 20 people just nearby so watch this space. We have also decorated a beautiful wedding in the Casa del Rio located nearby plus there is the Benahavis hotel and the Hotel Amanhavis as well, all very charming venues within walking distance.

If you would like to organise your wedding in this fabulous park please do contact us to find out more details.

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