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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Inspirations - jewel coloured weddings

I am not sure why but I have kept this image on my computer, I think I would like my house to look like this, albeit I already have hot pink and turquoise mixed with whites but it certainly looks nothing like this!!!

I love all the textures, the flashes of colours and the chill out bed, and visualise a wedding theme coming on from this board.
I have found a few inspirations on this idea having been working on one of our brides themes, she has some fabulous different coloured bridesmaids dresses, which is becoming a hugely popular alternative to all the matching bridesmaids this year.
Whilst I love the colours below for an idea I do think if you picked the colours from my photo above with the hot pink, turquoise, orange and that fabulous green this would really make a stunning wedding.


Monsy said...

Hola. I'm a bit confused between the "Peacock" theme and the "jewel" color theme. I just began planning my wedding and I have a mental image of what I think works but I'm very unsure. I first started out thinking of a white and pale purple color palette for my wedding, but I figured that darker colors would look better because of my reception location. My location has a view of Old San Juan, El Morro and the Ocean. The reception would begin at sunset. The image I have in my mind is... I would like bold colors like hues of dark pinks and purples ( I love purple), royal blue and olive green like the peacock colors. I would like white flowers for the centerpieces like stephanotis, tuberose and white small calla lilies and use touches of gold and a lot of candles. maybe even a bit of acrylic glowing ice in very small amounts scattered on the tables so they could look like dimonds. We would also have a marble terrace open to the ocean with the amazing view I described and there I would like lounge like furniture. I want the colors to seem amazing and rich and make my guests jaw's drop but I also want it to look elegant and delicate. For the ceremony I was thinking of using very little touches of these colors. For example each of my bridesmaids would wear one color (green, blue, pink and purple for the maid of honor)I would like they use some bold gold jewelry and their flowers wouldn't necessarily have to be white. Actually I would like only my bouquet and the maid of honor's flowers to be white for the ceremony (white flowers are my favorite). My friends describe what I want as mask-less maskared ball/peacock/Arabian theme wedding. could you please shed some light on my idea or tell me how to make it better and or how to focus the colors better? or if I should change my idea completly?

The Wedding Decorator said...

If you wish to send me an email to I can help you to design your wedding and clarify details and designs for you :)

Sounds fab and love the venue!

Somerset Wedding Girl said...

I love this idea, it's a bit different but it must look so pretty!