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Monday, March 22, 2010

Stalker or Impersonator?

Should I be flattered, but sadly am horrified as my daughter has just found this blog that is blatantly copying all my posts, both personal and to do with decorations, events, etc here in Marbella, plus all our weddings on their blog and not a mention of us.
I actually find this quite spooky and am so unhappy I have just reported this to Google.
I hope my stalker copies and posts this on their blog, I think not somehow
Check out the similarities!
Has anyone else had this happen to them, I think it is awful?


Pallas said...

tsk can report that to Google since blogspot is owned by Google

or place a copyscape button on your blog too (

I personally think that due credits should be given to you via hyperlinks

keep your posts coming, your blog is valuable!

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Laura
Your comment made me smile, and it is always so lovely to hear from you. So I am sending you a big West Country hug via this comment :-)
Just read the bit about somebody copying your blog - what a shocker! I'm amazed anyone would have the cheek to do it. I've seen plenty of examples of crafty people imitating others designs, but not a whole blog before.... the trouble with blogs is that anyone can read them and anyone can copy and paste images/text... but it's a catch 22 thing as we're all blogging for maximum exposure, so to speak. (That's not meant to be a saucy joke, you know!).
I hope the person concerned will do the honorable thing and contact you to apologise and remove the copied bits too....
Keep doing what you do - yours is the original and best!
Denise x

Wannabe Goddess said...

Even the name they chose! I'm with you, it's a bit creepy. Best report them. I'm intrigued by the copyscape button - haven't heard of that. Will look into it now.

Annie said...

I had this happen to me before. I had created a blog on and found that another user on the site had copied alot of my posts! How frustrating! And, its really hard to know how to deal with it since there's no real way to contact the owner of the other site directly. Some people have no integrity at all.

Green Marketing said...

this also happened to my friend before and she had it reported to Google...also she made a press release...after 3 weeks, the blog got dumped out of results and had been flagged as "copycat"