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Saturday, January 16, 2010

2010 Wedding Trends

As we have sat indoors for the best part of three weeks listening to the never ending rain outside (which I am pleased to say has stopped today!) we are dreaming of the long hot summer evenings with all our beautiful weddings here in Spain and we are being extremely industrious creating some fabulous wedding designs.

Image from Cox and Cox

The big colour for 2010 is definitely silver, the antique look silver, with fabulous tealight holders, mirrors and frames everywhere, informal flower arrangements, vintage silver accessories and fascinators for hair decorations. Vintage is still definitely the way forward.

I have also seen a trend, as the recession settles upon us, of couples really wanting to show their appreciation to their guests for making the effort to attend their weddings whether it just be a lovely message written and placed on the tables in a frame, or a token of appreciation. The love of simple but beautiful things has come back and sentimentality is a wonderful emotion to bring into a wedding, this is being reflected as couples want to really say a big thank you, gone are the days of big bling and trying to impress.
Again to show the guests the hosts have really thought about them is providing fun things for the day and thinking slightly outside the box, such as setting up an ice cream stall or perhaps a martini bar.
Candy bars are still popular for 2010 and a relatively cheap way of providing your guests with favours as well as a bit of fun, especially if you have lots of children at your wedding, enjoyment and appreciation is a key element in planning any 2010 weddings.

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Kristina - Barn Wedding Connecticut said...

I love this trend. At least the old tradition's still present.