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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Wedding Design for Tuscany Bride

Blossom Garland LMLMK, Flowers & Table Setting MS, Lace Bunting LMLMK
Cake, Main image bride's own, Venue Poggioaimerli
Butterfly cage, Button Heart LMLMK
Tree The Knot, Table Setting MS, Flowers bride's own image, Italian Wedding Cake

Table Setting Artfool, Night Scene brides own image, Placecards Tiffany Cannis, Bridesmaids the knot. Second Row Placecard Artfool, Main Image, Fans Reviva Weddings Third Row Lantern image from another bride, Table Setting Artfool Fourth Row Olive oil kaboodle, Bouquet and Tree The Knot, Venue Poggioaimerli

I was contacted recently by a bride who is getting married in Tuscany at the end of this month as she wanted some white fans for her wedding. She has some lovely ideas and sent me some of her images for her wedding designs and we created these lovely inspiration boards for her.

The real life photos will be ready in June, can't wait to see them.
Fans arrived in Ireland and she has decorated them with pale, shell pink organza ribbons and written the names and date on in silver, sounds lovely.


Robyn said...

So pretty!! Getting married in Tuscany? What a lucky girl. You did an amazing job with the inspiration boards....wish I was on the guest list!! :)

Sprit said...

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The Wedding Decorator said...

Wish I was in Tuscany too! I will have the real photos soon to publish can't wait to see them :)

Wedding decoration is based on exactly the same as interior decoration by adding in colours as highlights, for instance in a room you would add cushions, pictures and accessories to bring in the colour and weddings are the same, by adding in colour in napkins, flowers, glassware and decorations.

mariamo said...

Hi, i´m celebrating my wedding in september and absolutely love your blog! It´s so inspiring! how do you do the inspiration boards? do you use something like polyvore? ( or just a photo program to cut and paste? thanks a lot for all the inspiration, i will send you my results!

The Wedding Decorator said...

I was using a Mosaic maker to create the boards but at the moment it does not appear to be working. I have since published the actual wedding and it was beautiful :)

wedding tuscany said...

its really a nice blog.