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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Japanese Themes

Japanese weddings, are usually expensive and are always very calm and serene.
The Japanese theme begins with the bride'a attire who traditionally wears a white silk kimono, signifying purity, which can cost up to £20,000!
The bride can change into up to five kimonos throughout the day.
A groom wears a haori on the top and a hakama on the bottom all in black.
Although not necessary some brides choose to wear a traditional wig for their wedding day dressed in artificial flowers, gold combs and pearls.
The wedding party will also wear kimonos in a colour usually chosen by the bride.
Traditionally the Bride and Groom enter the ceremony from opposite sides of the room to the sounds of drums and flutes and attendants wave paper streamers over their heads to signify purity and to keep evil spirits at bay.
After the ceremony the couple will drink sake or wine and then trade glasses nine times to symbolise their new bond.
If you are incorporating a Japanese theme into your wedding, here are some great ideas from cold sake cucumber cups to different ways of folding napkins to achieve an authentic look at a fraction of the price.
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rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

I love, love, Love the Japanese thing. It is one of my favorite styles...kind of reminds me of my living room! :)

The Wedding Decorator said...

You are lucky if your living room looks like this, mine is usually a tip due to kids :) But thank you been out of action for a while as so busy with weddings but on a roll again now! :)

The Wedding Decorator said...

Hi Rachel just taken a look at your blog it is fab and just reminded me of two things one is easter is just around the corner and the other is that the US and Canada are just so good at this, still trying to educate the Europeans, but everything here is just so much more expensive, If only we did more it would bring the prices down :)